Whether you are looking to rehearse on a ‘standard’ 60ft by 40ft arena stage, or if you have something considerably larger that needs to be built, LH2 has the space for your production. We are able to arrange a stage for you should you require it, or indeed any other production resource that you may require through our network of close associates.

You will find our grid one of the easiest to work with in the country – it has been designed so that the riggers do not need to wear a harness or clip on, they can freely walk in the roof to any position that need to access.

We have three 400a 3phase power supplies on a Powerlock that comes from our on site generators, and additional 63a and 32a supplies on C-Form.

Three comfortable dressing rooms, a large Meeting Room and a large visiting Production Office. All serviced by fast and easy to access WiFi and wide screen TVs for those moments when artist and crew are able to get away from rehearsals and stay in touch with the big, wide world.

We have a 2ton Fork Lift Truck on site that you are welcome to use, with 1.8m extensions.


Les Miserable Stage

To avoid tying up valuable ‘bums on seats’ time at your venues, LH2 is the ideal place to hold your technical and dress rehearsals before you load in to your theatre or head out on tour with your production. With enough ‘back stage’ rooms for make-up, wardrobe and dressing rooms, you’ll feel quite at home here during your rehearsals.


As rehearsal is key to the success of any production, LH2 can be used for you to perfect your routine ahead of your big performance. With our vast floor area, there is no danger of you falling over each other!

With many rooms available for you to use, your wardrobe department can set up their whole department for fitting and alterations in comfort and style! Easy access to central London ensures that you have all the resources on your door step.

Our second floor can even be set us as a separate dance studio for warming up or getting your routine perfect before hitting the stage.

Steaming hot showers on site are always available  to relax and unwind after a hard day's toil.

Film & TV

With the addition of audience seating, LH2 is the perfect studio for filming a special event or indeed a television series. There is plenty of room for Outside Broadcast Trucks. Additionally, on our second floor, there is a further as yet undeveloped area that suits a TV control room with direct access to a gantry and spiral stair case into the studio.

Film and television sets are easily constructed on site, set up and filmed. Lighting is easily rigged from our grid and we have plenty of space for all your cameras and associated equipment.


At LH2, we have enough floor space to accommodate at least 100 tables of 10 people for your special event. Be it a formal dinner, an award ceremony, a company party or a conference, we have the flexibility to suit your every need.

We can arrange staging, seating, lighting, sound re-enforcement, entertainment, bars, catering – you name it and we can help you. Alternatively, you can bring in your own suppliers should you prefer for your event to suit your needs. We will be on hand to help at all times.



Concord Road


W3 0SE

Office: +44 208 752 0440

Fax: +44 208 752 3055


Fred Collins

Studio Facilities Manager 


Mobile: +44 7785 616 576

WELCOME TO LH2 London's Premier
Entertainment Production Facility

Technical Specifications

Rigging and Dimensions
  Width Length Height Information
Main Studio 103' (31.5m) 144' (44m) 60' (18m) with rigging capacity of over 60 tons
Production Office 18' 20' - Tables and Chairs for 6 people, TV, 3 DD Telephone Lines
Three Dressing/Green Rooms 18' 20' - Each with Sofas & Chairs for 10 people, TV, en suite Bathroom
Kitchen 18' 13' - Double Sink, Stainless Steel Worktops, Washer & Dryer
Dining Room 25' 55' - Tables & Chairs for 40 people, TV
Meeting Room 23' 20' - Board Room Style Table & Charis for 15 people, TV

Main Studio 3 x 400a 3phase on Powerlocks located USR
3 x 63a 3phase on C-Form located USR
3 x 32a 3phase on C-Form located USR
1 32a 3phase on C-Form located USL
Kitchen 1 x 32a 3phase on C-Form
1x 32a Single phase on C-Form

Access & Parking
4 x Low Level Dock with Roll Up Doors
1 x Drive In Dock (4.1m high x 3.4m wide)
We can park up to 6 trucks on the dock, with an additional 4 trucks in the yard.
We have 18 car parking spaces
We can accommodate at least 3 buses

General Information
You will find us 15 mins from London's Heathrow Airport, 25 mins from the very centre of London, and within easy reach of the major motorways, M40, M25, M4, M1 and M4 from which are able to get you to anywhere in the country and beyond. We have access to a fully equipped workshop and on-site technician to aid with any fabricating requirements that may arise during the preparation for you production. Being located in North West London, we are also with in easy reach of many major suppliers for those last minute additions or changes that may occur.